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CFD PatchThe City of Chaska Fire Department is looking to recruit new paid-on-call firefighters for the year 2015!

Successful recruits become a part of the proud team of Chaska firefighters.  Few part-time jobs afford the chance to help others, serve the community, and qualify for a pension, all while providing an essential public service.

Because the Chaska Fire Department provides a critical service to the community, it must take every precaution to select the best possible candidates who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.CFD Northgate
  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Hold a valid State of Minnesota driver’s license to maintain active membership.
  • Must have a residence within ten minutes of the Chaska fire station.
  • Must be able to carry out his/her responsibilities and provide good communications in a calm, positive, and professional manner under emergency conditions.
  • Must successfully pass a thorough background check prior to being accepted.
  • Must successfully pass the Chaska Fire Department-sponsored stress test, pulmonary function test, physical exam, and psychological evaluation.

The Chaska Fire Department offers a paid training program for new recruits in order to receive a full understanding of basic firefighting techniques, as well as emergency medical response procedures for basic life-saving activities.  Recruits are expected to complete Firefighter I & II courses within the first six months of acceptance, and Emergency Medical Responder/CPR within 12 months, comprising an initial training commitment of 200 hours. A weekly two-hour business/training meeting takes place every Monday evening.  Firefighters are issued all necessary equipment, at no personal cost to the recruit.

For more information, please contact the Chaska Fire Chief, Tim Wiebe at 952-227-7457 or at  Applications should be submitted to the Chaska Fire Station at 285 Engler Boulevard, Chaska, Mn. 55318 by 4:30 pm on Friday May 22, 2015.  Applications are available online at



The Chaska Fire Department started in 1871 as a volunteer department. It remains a volunteer organization with 45 firefighters, responding to over 400 calls a year. The department is proud of its high level of service and maintains an ISO rating of 4. The fire station, completed in 1996, is located at 285 Engler Boulevard. On display is a collection of memorabilia from the early days of the department, including the first motorized fire truck ever purchased by the department – a 1926 six-cylinder Studebaker, restored in every detail! Hanging prominently from the front of the Fire Station is the 400 lb. bronze bell used at the fire station in the early nineteen-hundreds.

In October, during Fire Prevention Week, the department hosts an open house. During this week, firefighters are at schools and elderly housing units teaching young and old about the hazards of fire. The Fire Station is open for tours, demonstrations, literature, and truck rides on the Saturday of every Fire Prevention Week.

The department is available for questions you have as a home or business owner.

Our site is currently undergoing major enhancements. We are in the process of adding valuable information regarding fire safety. Our site will also feature current news and events that involves the Chaska Fire Department. Check back often and join us on Facebook using the link below.

Chaska Fire Department
285 Engler Boulevard
Chaska, MN 55318

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911